• What is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream?


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is the molecular gastronomy cooking concept that utilizes Liquid Nitrogen to flash freeze natural ingredients into ice cream.



• Is it safe?


Yes. Nitrogen is non-toxic, non-flammable and constitutes 78 percent of the air we breathe. Once it comes in contact with air, it rapidly starts to evaporate in clouds of vapor.



• Is it safe to eat?


Liquid Nitrogen in its liquid form is not safe to eat. However, once it has evaporated the food that it has been in contact with is perfectly safe to eat.



• What does it taste like? Will it change the way my ice cream tastes?


Liquid Nitrogen is odorless and tasteless and will not leave any residual taste as it will have evaporated completely.



• What is Liquid Nitrogen?


Liquid Nitrogen is a colorless, clear, cryogenic fluid that causes rapid freezing on contact. It is essentially the Nitrogen from the air that we breathe, stored in a compressed Liquid state.



• How cold is Liquid Nitrogen?


-320 degrees Fahrenheit or -196 degrees celsius



• What is all the mist and smoke?


This is actually water vapor. When the Liquid Nitrogen comes into contact with air, it instantly begins evaporating and creates the vapor that you see. After a few seconds, the liquid has completely dissolved. The vapor dissipates and leaves no trace of itself behind.



• Is making ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen a new concept?


No. Science teachers have been making ‘instant ice cream’ for years much to the delight of their students. In fact, Liquid Nitrogen ice cream was actually invented by Agnes Marshall in 1901.



• What is the difference between the handcrafted and machine method?


The handcrafted method creates a denser, creamier ice cream and allows you the opportunity to fully customize each order. Mixers treat every ice cream the same way. The reality is that every ice cream is different and unique and should be treated accordingly based on the ingredients being used. The machine whips a lot of air into the ice cream and creates a whipped cream-like texture. In addition, without the pockets of extra air that the machine has whipped in, the hand method increases the amount of time that your ice cream will stay frozen.



• Where is your store located?


That’s the best part! We are completely mobile and focus on catering. We will bring our ice cream to you where, and when, you need us!




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